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That's not the Way
Episode 5

Fereydoun, a young and very enthusiastic farmer, considers marriage as a limitation, but his uncle and mother have other ideas.

  • The Red Line

    Running away from their troubles in Tehran, a group of young men pack into their car and head for a vacation in northern Iran.

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  • Episode 22
  • 09:00
  • The Times

    When Behzad lost his dad as a young child, his uncle stepped in and provided everything for him and his family. The uncle has played the role of a father to him. Now Behzad...

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  • Episode 56
  • 10:00


Director : Ebrahim Hatamikia

Chamran was a veteran Iranian guerrilla fighter who was sent to Kordestan as representative of Iran's Government.

  • Saturday January 21
  • Time :
  • Tehran 01:30
  • GMT 22:00
Mesr Island in the Sea of Sands

Mesr is a desert and also an oasis located in the central desert of Iran, known as Dasht-e Kavir in Persian which is in the far east of Isfahan province in Central Iran.

Glimpse at rural life in Iran’s city of Yasuj

Located in the southwest of Iran, the city of Yasuj is called Iran’s nature capital due to its amazing natural and tourist attractions.

Razi Cultural Center in Tehran

Razi Cultural Center offers patrons plenty of recreation, culture, sport and a lot more.