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Dirty Money
Episode 12

Daryoush and Shiva are a young couple who manage a clothing company. When the company is on the edge of bankruptcy ...

  • A House without a Bird

    For thirty years, Abbas and his wife have been looking for their daughter who they lost during the war.

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  • Episode 32
  • 00:00
  • No Pain, No Gain

    The series follows the story of Assad’s life. He has tried almost every way he could think of to make money, but he is getting used to be a loser.

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  • Episode 11
  • 01:00

A Name

Director : Bijan Mir-Baqeri

Maryam and Hamed are a young couple who cannot have a child of their own. They are going to try artificial insemination, but on their way to the hospital ...

  • Saturday April 29
  • Time :
  • Tehran 02:30
  • GMT 22:00
Autumn in Iran’s Naran Village

Located in the western Iranian province of Kordestan, Naran Village boasts magnificent scenery during the autumn season.

Paragliding over Tehran’s sky

Persian motifs

The various Persian patterns and motifs have been used from the earliest Islamic period to decorate architecture and objects.